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Color Consultations

Want to Attract more business through color?
Need Help picking colors that best fit your space?

Color is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, influence moods, and impact our sense of well-being. Through our color consultations we help our clients narrow down their color choices based on the feel you want in your space, your genre of home décor, or the personal lifestyle you want to reflect.

Decorative Painting

Even though we can do straight paint work, Brushworks is far more than just a basic paint company. For our clients that want more than just color and want artistic expression in their space we specialize in decorative painting. Decorative painting adds dimension, depth, beauty and uniqueness to a home or commercial space. We assist the client in selecting specialty finishes textures and glazes that create luxurious surfaces, intricate textures and rich materials. Brushworks uses the highest quality, water-based, eco-friendly products.

Check out our portfolio page to see samples of our work.

Furniture Painting

Want to update the look of an old piece of furniture?
One of the most rewarding and cost effective household projects is reviving and old piece of furniture with a fresh coat of paint.
From the ornate to simple chic, painted furniture can freshen up the look of any space and you can easily change the color to coordinate with a room’s color scheme. Good candidates for painting are dressers, tables, bookcases, mirror frames, and non-upholstered chairs.

Cabinet & Countertop Transformations

Want to save thousands of dollars on your kitchen remodel?

Then let us paint your existing cabinets and countertops. We can transform your existing cabinets into something spectacular. With paint and glaze customize to suit any design style.

If you would like to schedule a cabinet consultation of furniture painting in the Chicagoland area, please fill out the contact us form. In many cases, we can give you an email quote if you send us photos of your cabinets with the number of doors, drawers, and base cabinets. We love to hear from you.

Custom Stenciling and Vinyl Decals

Want the look of wallpaper without the hassle or price?
In need of custom decals for you walls?
Wall stencils are brilliant! All the drama and impact of wallpaper without the commitment!" We can help you pick a design that work best in your space or even create custom designs that favor your favorite wallpaper design.

Want something a little more temporary?
We also create custom wall decals for your space.

For businesses, we can create custom designs utilizing your logo and more.

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